Dark Chocolate Mousse


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Ingredients for 10 portions
  • 250 g QimiQ Whip, chilled
  • 80 ml Milk
  • 50 g Sugar
  • 170 g Dark chocolate (40-60 % cocoa), melted
  • Liqueur (optional)
Lightly whip the cold QimiQ Whip until completely smooth and ensure that the entire mixture is incorporated (especially from bottom and sides of bowl).
Add the milk, sugar and liqueur (optional). Continue to whip until the required volume has been achieved.
Fold in the melted chocolate. Fill into moulds and allow to cool for approx. 4 hours.

Nutritional values per portion

calorific value 6225 kJ
calories 1485 kcal
protein 3 g
carbohydrates 5 g
fat 4 g
cholesterol 108 g

Nutritional values per 100g

calorific value 1130 kJ
calories 270 kcal
protein 1 g
carbohydrates 1 g
fat 1 g
cholesterol 20 g