Pork and Spinach Ravioli with Chanterelle Sauce

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Ingredients for 4 Porcija
  • For the ravioli dough
  • 250 g Krumpira,
  • 90 g Brašna, coarse grain
  • 1 Žumanjaka
  • Sol i papar
  • Muškatni oraščić
  • For the filling
  • 125 g QimiQ Classica, neohlađenog
  • 125 g Knuckle of pork, cooked, narezane na male kockice
  • 1 Češanj češnjak, sitno sjeckane
  • 50 g Luka, sitno sjeckane
  • 75 g Špinata, sitno nasjeckane
  • 10 g Maslaca
  • Chanterelle Sauce
For the dough, mix all the ingredients together and briskly knead to a dough.
For the fillng, whisk QimiQ Classic smooth. Fry the meat, garlic, onion and spinach in butter and allow to cool. Add to the QimiQ and mix well.
Roll the dough out as thinly as possible on a lightly floured surface and cut in half. Place teaspoonfuls of the filling mixture about 1cm apart on one of the sheets of dough and moisten the gaps with water. Cover with the second sheet, pressing down gently around the mounds of filling to squeeze out the air pockets. Cut into squares around the filling using a pastry wheel.
Place the ravioli in boiling salted water, reduce the heat and continue to cook until done.
Drain well and serve immediately with the chanterelle sauce.

Nutritional values per portion

calorific value 6645 kJ
calories 1584 kcal
protein 27 g
carbohydrates 43 g
fat 60 g
cholesterol 131 g

Nutritional values per 100g

calorific value 916 kJ
calories 219 kcal
protein 4 g
carbohydrates 6 g
fat 9 g
cholesterol 18 g