Creme brulee


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Ingredients for 4 portions
  • 250 g QimiQ Classic Vanilla, room temperature
  • 250 ml Whipping cream 36 % fat
  • 4 Egg yolk(s)
  • 60 g Sugar
  • Sugar, to caramelize
Preheat the oven to 250 °F (air convection).
Whisk the unchilled QimiQ Classic Vanilla smooth.
Add the cream, eggs and sugar and mix well. Pour the mixture into small oven proof dishes.
Place the dishes into a large roasting tray and pour in enough hot water to come halfway up their outsides.
Place the tray onto the centre shelf of the oven and bake for approx. 30 minutes until the crème brulee is set.
Allow the cream to cool down, sprinkle with sugar and caramelise with a mini blow torch, or under a hot grill.

Tip: Refine with a pinch of cinnamon

Nutritional values per portion

calorific value 11952 kJ
calories 2880 kcal
protein 70 g
carbohydrates 8 g
fat 206 g
cholesterol 309 g

Nutritional values per 100g

calorific value 2131 kJ
calories 514 kcal
protein 13 g
carbohydrates 2 g
fat 37 g
cholesterol 56 g